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by Sophie Sheldrick

Sophie Sheldrick - London Ontario Photographer

Sophie Sheldrick, the photographer behind Raw Footage Photography. Watch my promo video here!



Photo by Mai Tilson

Photo by Mai Tilson

Hello, I'm Sophie!

As a photographer, I am inspired by real emotion, beautiful light, and the uniqueness of each relationship I have the privilege of documenting. I am passionate about telling stories and making art through photographs, and I feel lucky to meet so many diverse and wonderful people along the way.  

I'm also a maman to two amazing little girls (three if you count the dog!) and a wife to my best friend. I love being outside, cooking, yoga, and drinking coffee or tea out of a really great mug (my mug standards are high). 

I founded Raw Footage Photography in 2010 and am incredibly thankful to be doing work that I love so much. Want to chat? Fill out the contact form in the menu, or click on the email icon below!

Self-Portrait Project: January 2019 - December 2019 (in progress)