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London Ontario Family Photographer | Spring Blossom Mini Sessions

Tonight the booking for this year's Spring Minis opens up to the advance notice list, so I thought it would be the perfect time to reminisce about last year's blossom sessions. Many clients hope for the Magnolia blossoms when mini session time rolls around, but these tricky, fragile blooms are very hard to predict. I've seen them start blooming as early as the last week of April, and as late as mid-May. Beyond that, how long they last depends on how much rain and wind we get while they are blooming. I always try to reassure my clients that whether or not the Magnolias are blooming, we will have lots of gorgeous blossoms to work with. We have so many varieties of beautiful blooming trees here, and you'll see in the photos below that all of them provide a stunning backdrop! If you'd like to get on the advance notice list in time for the next round of minis, you can email me at sophie@rawfootagephotos.com, subject line "advance notice list".