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by Sophie Sheldrick

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Lifestyle Family Photographer in London Ontario | Darcy, Jessie and Max

This session was quite the roller coaster ride! This sweet, super fun family is no stranger to my lens, and I always look forward to my session with them.  We started off on a chilly October morning in Victoria Park with high hopes for a fun, beautiful session in the heart of downtown. Except that after 5 minutes, sweet little Max face planted and scraped his face (three cheers for Photoshop!). The little man was understandable shaken up, and between his injuries and the cold, it just wasn't happening. I must've said "It's ok, no worries, we'll just go with it" about a thousand times. :) We relocated to their favourite Timmies for a snack, and then when this location proved challenging due to the limited space, we decided to simply head back to their home and hope for the best. Of course, as soon as Max was home, he was totally comfortable, happy and excited to show me all of his stuff. This is why I love love love in-home lifestyle sessions, especially with little ones. They are in their element and they are content. Everyone can just relax and play. And I just watch the simple, everyday candid magic unfold and snap away. I just adore the shots we got of them just being them, with so many awesome candid moments and real, big smiles that just can't be beat. :)