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London Ontario Children's Photography | Do What You Love Children's Mini Sessions (Part 1 of 3)

I have always drawn my biggest inspiration from people's raw emotion - hence the business name. ;) While amazing light, cute outfits, fun props and dreamy locations can all be amazing, if there's no raw emotion, then that essential element is missing, and the image doesn't speak to me as powerfully. Last Winter I introduced my annual children's minis with an adorable vintage prop setup, and they were amazing. But I felt like they weren't *me*. There are lots of photographers that really rock the props, and I love their creative work. But I knew that moving forward, my children's minis would be different. Rather than pose children in my setup, I really wanted to capture them in theirs. I thought about my most treasured photos of my own daughter, and they are the ones that remind exactly what she was like, what she enjoyed, how she interacted, at the time the photo was taken. This is was I wanted to give my clients with minis. And this is how the "Do What You Love" Children's Minis came to be. Parents were encouraged to bring their child's favourite thing, and I brought my camera. Everything else was spontaneous and in the moment, and it was truly amazing to capture kids just being themselves. I absolutely loved these minis and I truly hope that each family treasures these images for a long time. Here are some photos from the first night of minis. It was cold and gloomy and threatened to rain... but that didn't stop us from capturing some really cute kiddos doing what they love. :)