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by Sophie Sheldrick

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London Ontario Family Photographer | Comparing Beach and Downtown Locations

I have the pleasure of photographing this beautiful family every year. Natalie is a dear friend and fellow photographer, and her twin boys are just the sweetest. When the Young family's Summer beach session came up in my blogging queue, I decided to blog both of their 2015 sessions together and include their downtown Fall photos as well. From there came the idea for this post - comparing two very different locations for a portrait session. Same family, two very different styles. The possibilities are endless when deciding on a location for your family session... beach, woods, field, downtown, in-home, outside your favourite ice cream shop... It all depends on the overall style you prefer and the type of setting you feel will be the best fit for your family. During their beach session, Natalie's boys had the freedom to play and explore, and the location offered more opportunities to capture candid interactions. During their downtown session, no one had to worry about outfits getting covered in sand and toddlers falling in the water. During their beach session, it was barefoot and carefree attire. During their downtown session, everyone got to dress up and wear amazing shoes. There really is no right or wrong answer when trying to pick your family session location, but if you really can't decide between two options, just do like this beautiful bunch - try both! :)