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by Sophie Sheldrick

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London Ontario Lifestyle Newborn Photographer | Baby Kessel

I often find myself explaining to friends and clients the difference between traditional posed studio newborn work (if you're looking for this, I have some wonderful photographers to refer you to!) and my approach, which is commonly referred to as "lifestyle newborn photography". While I still do capture baby on his/her own, I don't pose baby in any unnatural positions, and simply capture his/her delicious sleepy baby goodness with a more natural, organic approach. Much of the session aims to capture mom, dad and siblings at home with baby, going through the daily routines of feeding, changing, rocking and - the most important - snuggling.  It's these natural moments, sweet kisses, tender strokes and sweet sibling interactions that I want to capture for you, so that when you look back, you not only have beautiful portraits of your sweet bundle alone, but you  have the illustrations to accompany the story of those first few weeks at home with baby. This is how I approach newborn photography, and sweet baby Kessel's session was no exception. What a beautiful, sweet little man. And his vibrant and affectionate big sister was equally a pleasure to photograph. I just loved capturing some moments for this lovely family. Here is a peek at our session! -xo