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by Sophie Sheldrick

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London Ontario Lifestyle Photographer | 2015 Favourites

2015 was such a special year for me, because we welcomed our second daughter, Naia Rose, into our lives. While I certainly didn't take the year off, I did take a few months of rest and a reduced workload for the rest of the year, which means I really got to savour every wedding and every session in a way that I don't often get to when I'm booking double or triple the amount of work. It's crazy to me that 2015 is already over, and it's been so fun to look back through the archives. Every year it is both delightful and agonizing to put this massive favourites post together. Delightful because I revisit my favourite work from the previous year and reminisce. Agonizing because I actually have to choose. I love all of my clients and walk away from each session and wedding with something positive, so this is by no means a list of favourite clients. Rather, it's a collection of images that, when I took them and when I looked back on them, made my heart skip a beat. Maybe it's perfect, delicious golden light. Or a sweet, candid mother-daughter moment. Maybe it's that moment a child is laughing so hard his eyes are squinting or a couple sharing an intimate look after saying "I do". Sometimes it's something more technical, like the composition of an image or the contrast between shadow and light that I'm really proud of.  Regardless of the exact reason behind each image, these are the images that make me the most proud and excited when I look back on my 2015 portfolio. I hope you enjoy scrolling through them! <3