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Project Ten | February (Pink)

I am so excited about this project. Last month's "self-portrait" theme (while totally out of my comfort zone) was so much fun, and this month we are taking on "pink". This set isn't particularly unique or "out of the box". Let's be honest - the cute toddler on the bed scene is not exactly uncharted territory as far as indoor lifestyle photography goes. As much as I love these images, I almost didn't use them for this project, because I felt like there were so many other interpretations of this theme that might be more interesting to you - the viewer. But something about these photos kept drawing me - the mama - back in. And so here it is, my sweet and simple interpretation of pink. To most, perhaps just another toddler in a tutu. But to me, she's my little Neve Adele -  silky wisps of baby hair, an infectious laugh, an affectionate spirit, and looking far too grown up in her big girl tutu.


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