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Project Ten | June (Hair)

This month's theme was "hair", and to be honest I was a little stumped. There were so many directions I could go in, but for some reason I was feeling a little uninspired. At first I thought I'd photograph my daughter's growing (finally!) blonde baby wisps, but I photograph her all the time and wanted to push myself creatively in a bit of a different direction. I enlisted the help of my gorgeous client, friend and fellow photographer Mallory. Something about a beautiful subject in a breathtaking location had me instantly inspired and we got so many amazing shots that night that I will be putting together a follow-up post with all the overflow photos that didn't make it in here! In the meantime, here is my ten for this month, selected from the "water" portion of our session (Thanks Mallory for being such a trooper and going with my vision!). Be sure to click through the ridiculously talented blog circle when you're done! (link at bottom!)


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