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London Ontario Photographer | Announcing Customized Mobile Photo Apps!

I'm always a little late on the technology wave - I didn't get a cell phone until 2007 (gasp!), I still have no idea what blu-ray is (is that how you spell it?) and I figure by the time I actually get a tablet, they'll be so yesterday. But when it comes to you guys, my beloved clients, I do my best to stay on top of the  trends despite my old-fashioned, minimalist nature. In an effort to get with the times and provide you with the very best service and products I can, I recently announced two very big changes on the old Facebook Page. As of July 1st, 2013, Raw Footage Photography will be ditching DVDs and introducing customized flash drives as part of all full packages and weddings. And as of this month, you get a complimentary, totally customized photo app for your Apple or Android device with all full portrait and wedding packages. I am so excited about this new product, because it allows you to take your photos with you everywhere.

Essentially, this is an app like any other app on your mobile device. It will contain photos from your session for you to view and share. You'll be able to share this app with family and friends too, so if Grandma wants an app on her phone or tablet that has your family photos at a tap of a finger, no problem. The complimentary app will contain a sneak peek sampling of images that you will receive before your package is ready. So you are basically getting a personalized preview that you can take everywhere (you know, so when your dentist asks how the kids are doing, you can just show him!). And if you're dying to have an app with all your photos, you can easily upgrade to a full gallery containing all of your portrait session photos (or up to 40 of your wedding photos). The app does not expire, it's yours to keep and share. Cool, right?

I randomly selected a lucky mama from the Mother's Day Mini clients to test out the app and give me some feedback. You can read Mallory's thoughts below and see a few screen shots from her personalized photo app. I hope you're excited about this new complimentary addition to your Raw Footage Photography packages - I know I am! :)

Mallory's Feedback:

Not only was I lucky enough to score a spot for Sophie's mother's day mini sessions...I also was picked to be the "guinea pig" for Raw Footage Photography's new app for viewing my beautiful session!!!! BONUS! I wasn't too sure how this app would work, but Sophie emailed me the link and I downloaded it right away (just couldn't wait any longer!)  The instructions for download are super easy (I think even MY DAD could do it..and thats saying a lot hahaha) Within about 20 seconds, I could view all my pictures!!  The best thing is that they are easy to access on my phone, so when I went to my friend's house I could easily show them off  I am always eagerly waiting for a sneak peek from photo sessions so this little "extra" allows me to see my pictures as soon as possible, and who wouldn't want that?! Amazing, Sophie..I couldn't be happier!!