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Project Ten | March (Treasures)

My interpretation of this month's theme came from picturing a cave of precious treasure (Aladdin, anyone?) and trying to imagine what my own cluster of treasure would look like. There are many things in this life that I love and enjoy, but my greatest earthly treasure is, without a doubt, my little family. I gathered items and photographs that represent my family and created my own little treasure trove out in a snowy field. My maman's pearls that I wore on my wedding day symbolize where I come from and my transition into marriage. My bible (given to me by my parents) represents the faith that my marriage and family is built on. My daughter's first outfit reminds me of my first day of motherhood, the day my heart started aching with a love I didn't know was possible. Photographs documenting our family's journey so far, from marriage to puppy love to pregnancy to motherhood. Just a few odds and ends, collected from around our home. My treasures.

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