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by Sophie Sheldrick

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London Ontario Wedding Photographer | Sophia & Stephane's Montreal Wedding

Waaaaaayyyyyy back in high school (Montreal circa 2000? ish?), I met this spunky, sweet and hilarious girl named Sophia. Sophia became a dear friend and we shared many late nights "studying" and "preparing for group presentations", as well as many deep art class discussions and frantic pre-Physics exam reviews. It was during one of these art class chats that I first told her about my friend's mysterious older brother, who would soon become my best friend, and later my husband. "How's David?" She would ask with a wink, back when there was "NO WAY I would EVER like him like THAT" (cough cough). A few years later, Stephane came into her life. I remember her telling me about him, and I remember wondering if he would be "the one". Turns out he was, and though my move to London meant I didn't actually meet him until their wedding day, it was clear from the minute I met him that they couldn't be more perfect for each other. These two are so clearly head over heels in love, their wedding was full of teary heartfelt moments from start to finish, and it was truly an honour to be there to capture it all. One of the most touching moments was when, after the traditional vows, first kiss and signing, the couple took the mic again, on their own, and read personal letters to each other. There wasn't a dry eye in the house. I was thrilled when Sophia asked me to photograph her ceremony and portraits, and thrilled to be able to enjoy my beautiful friend's reception as a guest. It was such a perfect day, and a wonderful way to kick off my 2014 wedding season! Sophia, love you so much bambuda! xoxo Here are some favourites!