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by Sophie Sheldrick

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London Ontario Engagement Photography | Lemonade For Two (styled shoot)

I am in love with picnics, but life is busy, and they don't happen too often. But when they do, I am filled with such joy, I can't explain it. Something about sitting on a blanket on a beach or in the woods and sharing food and drink with someone you love that makes me want to do a little happy dance. I've been dreaming up this session for awhile now. Nothing fancy, nothing too complex, just an idea, a story in my head.

As a photographer, I'm all about telling stories. Your story. I am passionate about finding out what makes you you, and about letting your real self shine through in your photos. But this shoot was a little bit different. More of a hypothetical story, if you will. A novel of sorts that played out in my head that I was itching to recreate and photograph. A couple in love setting off for a romantic picnic in the woods at sunset. A love note. A ring. Lemonade for two.

This was my first styled shoot, and I was so blessed to work with some amazing local artists. Olivia from Little Ladies Accessories created a gorgeous hairpiece for my volunteer bride-to-be that was beautifully incorporated into her stunning hairstyle, courtesy of the talented Courtney Simpson at Salon Entrenous. Paulina from Paulina M Artistry did a fantastic job with the makeup and finally, our lovely, hilarious and adventurous volunteer couple, Justin and Katelyn, were a blast to work with.

I kept it simple with the props - old crates, my favourite second-hand tattered quilt, and a lovely old fashioned picnic basket and jug from Goodwill. We used Katelyn's unique engagement ring, which is a traditional Irish ring. I loved that we were able to incorporate something that was uniquely them into this shoot.

I am thrilled with the results of this session and am so grateful to the lovely folks who helped make it happen. Here are some photos. :) (click to enlarge, navigate with the arrows)