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Behind the Lens | Why I'm Crazy About Lifestyle Photography

If you follow me on Facebook, you've probably heard me raving about lifestyle photography a lot in the past few months. It's a style I've always loved, but something clicked when I had my daughter last year... I realized just how passionate I am about capturing those everyday moments, because those are truly the moments that memories are made of. Don't get me wrong, posed shots definitely have their role, and I enjoy these types of shoots as well. But there's just something about being a fly on the wall and grabbing onto those fleeting moments that slip away so quickly. As a new mom, the "lifestyle" photos of my daughter are my most treasured keepsakes. Sure, she is adorable in her headbands and dresses, sitting in crates and on quilts and every other way I've posed her. But these shots below of her quietly basking in the morning light, playing in her room, wearing only a onesie? Be still my heart. This is my girl, and looking at these photos reminds me how she used to do this every single morning, and it fills my heart with joy.

And then there are those photo of her taking a morning snooze on our big bed. Every time I see them, I melt into a puddle of mush.

Or this shot of her at the beginning of the summer, wrapped up in a towel after experiencing the kiddie pool for the first time. There is something about this photo that I just love. Her dripping eye lashes. Her quiet expression. How she looks so snug and warm. It's a real moment, and I couldn't have posed it if I tried. For years to come, I will look at this photo and remember that summer day.

Lifestyle photography tells a story. And when I started to see how much I loved lifestyle photos as a mom, I became even more passionate about offering this type of session to other families who might be skeptical about - or unfamiliar with - lifestyle photography.

I had the pleasure of doing a couple of lifestyle sessions this summer for some lovely families who had never been photographed in this way before. It was a new experience for them to just be in front of the camera. But after a few awkward minutes everyone was able to relax, and life just started to unfold naturally. And I snapped away while moments happened.

Like a little boy who is crazy about cars proudly driving his ride around the yard and then running into his mama's arms for a hug.

Or a neighbourhood walk before bedtime followed by snuggles and a story.

I also love to capture the details during a lifestyle shoot. I love this shot of the pjs and diaper laid out by mama right before bedtime. It might seem like a mundane detail today, but when this little sweetie is 15, a shot like this will bring back a whole slew of babyhood memories.

A far cry from most scenarios where families coordinate and dress up for their photo session, this sweet family opted for pyjamas and some big bed snuggles and stories. This laid back in-home lifestyle session perfectly captured where this family was at that moment - adjusting to a new little family member, a little tired, extremely happy and totally in love. These guys were no strangers to being photographed, but this was a completely new experience for them, one that captured real life and really documented their sweet relationships (and allowed them to stay in their pjs - score!).

There really are no rules or standards when it comes to lifestyle photography. These sessions can take place in your home, at the park, or on a family outing. If you love getting ice cream as a family on hot summer evenings, why not make a lifestyle session out of it? Capture that experience through beautiful photos that will not only capture your family as they are right now, but will always remind you of this special experience. Do you want to remember your trip to the beach? Your Saturday afternoon baking with your daughter? Playing in the snow? No matter what it is you want to capture, a lifestyle session can be tailored to meet your needs and capture those moments you never want to forget. And, because we know that grandparents want that perfect mantle portrait, we can always throw in a few formal family poses here and there to make sure you truly get the photos you want.

If you're interested in booking a family session or have any questions, drop me a line here!

Have a great day, everyone!