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London Ontario High School Senior Photography | Seb

Everyone has that person that will forever make them feel "old". When they hit a milestone, you realize how much they've grown up, and consequently, how much older you are. For me, this person is my little brother. With 7 years between us, we were close enough in age that we spent an incredible amount of time together growing up and developed a really close bond, but far apart enough that I babysat him, picked him up from school, prepared his snacks and tucked him into bed. When Seb started highschool, I felt ancient. How was this even possible? Now that he's moved away to attend college out of province on a soccer scholarship, I'm a little blown away. He is officially an adult, independent, and off to discover the world for himself. I am so incredibly proud of him, and so thankful we were able to squeeze in one last "hang out" session before he left. He's always up for being in front of the camera, so I was thrilled when my mom requested I do a little senior session with him before he left, and he agreed! We found a fun little rustic spot and had a blast laughing and doing different poses. Here's a peek at our session. Seb - I already miss you so much, but I am super proud of you, and I know you're going to rock it. Love you!!