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The Mama Journal | Favourite Things

It's such an unbelievably wonderful experience to watch my little girl develop her own little personality. While I was pregnant, my mother told me that a child is like a gift that you unwrap a little bit more every day. Boy, was she right. My daughter is no longer my little "sub-human", she is her own person. Neve Adele, spirited, active, playful, affectionate, brilliant girl. Everyday she blows me away with how much she understands, what words she decides to add to her ever-growing vocabulary, how sweet and affectionate she is with us, with the dog, with her babies. She has a sense of humour that is so much fun, and she loves to make us laugh. It would be impossible to document all of her favourite things in just one post. The girl loves a lot of things. Going outside, music in all its forms (atta girl!), pushing her babies in her stroller and all things PUPPIES are some popular themes notably absent from the photos below. But the following photos do represent some of her favourite things at the moment - books (oh, how she loves to read. And oh, how it makes my heart sing!), Caillou (in French) on the iPhone, my jewelry, and anything related to animals. I took these in the span of about an hour one day last week, and I just love their authentic, sweet simplicity. I love how the morning light spilled out of her bedroom window and illuminated that silky soft baby hair that is growing and thickening a little more each day. I love the quiet focus as she tries on my bracelets, examines a book and handles the ol' iPhone like a pro. These photos make my heart immensely happy, and naturally, I wanted to share them with you. A morning in the life of Neve, at 18.5 months old.