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The Mama Journal | 52 Portraits (1)

Without question, the series on my blog that consistently gets the most feedback is The Mama Journal. I regularly receive messages from strangers and comments from clients at their session about how these posts resonate with them, and it's always so wonderful to hear that something I am so passionate about is being well received.  Since discontinuing my personal blog some time ago, The Mama Journal has been a way for me to continue to share my journey through motherhood with my friends and clients and a way for me to write about and document the things that matter most to me. Sadly this little series has not been updated since the Summer, when things started to get busier than they've ever been around here. But as I endeavour to restore a healthy work/family balance in my life, I want that to be reflected here as well. I'm excited about reviving The Mama Journal with more regular posts, starting with a new weekly photo project I'll be tying into the series. The Mama Journal | 52 Portraits

52 portraits is a weekly photo project through which I will be sharing 1 portrait of my girl and 1 sentence to accompany it every Monday. This project will help me accomplish 3 goals.

1. Regularly document my little girl, both in slow and busy seasons.

2. Revive The Mama Journal and continue to authentically and passionately document my journey through motherhood.

3. Force myself to practice a "less is more" philosophy by choosing only my post powerful  photo to share each week and summarizing my reflections into one meaningful sentence. If you've been following the blog for awhile, you know that I like to write a lot and that I am really bad at narrowing down photos (have you seen my 2013 favourites posts? I'm pretty sure I included way too many photos. The elimination process was agonizing).

So, now that you know the backstory, let's move onto the project, shall we? Today we are the first Monday in January. Let the fun begin! ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------

52 portraits | 1

I was watching you play so independently with your friends today when you suddenly stopped to run over and hug me without a word, somehow knowing that I needed to feel needed right at that moment.