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The Mama Journal | 52 Portraits (50, 51 & 52)

I finished this project a few weeks ago, but never got around to posting the last three weeks here on the blog. So here they are, weeks 50, 51 and 52. It's been incredible watching my girl grow up over the past year, and I've loved documenting it in this way. At the end of the post, you can see a side by side comparison of weeks 1 and 52. If you'd like to browse through all 52 weeks, just use the "categories" tab to the left and select "52 portraits" under the "Mama Journal" category. :) 52 Portraits | Week 50

I watched you sing and dance your little heart out at your nursery school Christmas party this week, and seeing you so happy filled my heart with so much joy.

52 Portraits | Week 51

Another Christmas has passed, and my favourite memory of you is the joy and excitement you showed in making, wrapping and giving gifts to your family and friends, asking me how to spell "Je T'aime" on handmade cards and using up about 5 whole rolls of tape to yourself. I love your generous heart.

52 Portraits | Week 52

Whether you are offering me a hand to get up or a glass of water, making sure your papa is wearing a warm hat before walking the dog on a cold night, or kissing my 35-week pregnant belly while whispering "bonjour, ma petite princesse", your nurturing heart is such a gift to your family.