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The Mama Journal | Egg Hunt

It is a well known (and well documented) fact that I am a holiday nut. Christmas, Thanksgiving, Easter, Canada Day, you name it. I've always cherished the holiday traditions that my family has carried on, and I always looked forward to starting special festive traditions with my own children.  Easter means a lot of things for our family. We celebrate life, reflect on love, and thank God for a gift so wonderful and so undeserved. Easter is also a time to celebrate those we hold dear. We gather for meals with family and friends, we enjoy the sunshine together, and we indulge in special treats and activities. This year, Neve was actually old enough to grasp the concept of an egg hunt (and old enough to have the occasional taste of chocolate), and I was all over it. After a lovely late afternoon playtime at the park, I scattered some chocolate filled plastic eggs in a nearby field and, in the glow of the setting sun, my girl grasped the handle of her plastic bucket and excitedly got to work. She squealed with joy and hopped from one egg to the other, and when she actually realized what was inside the eggs, well that just took it to a whole new level of best.game.ever. As I watched her, my mama heart nearly exploded with happiness. A memory was made, a tradition was started, and my girl - eyes shining, face grinning, feet hopping - was over-the-moon. I wish I could bottle her childhood innocence and wonder. Instead I snapped a few photographs to hold on to this moment forever. What a blessing and a joy she is.

However you celebrate, may this weekend be a time of joyful memories made for you and your family.