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by Sophie Sheldrick

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London Ontario Portrait Photographer | Natalie at Sunset

Last week, I spontaneously texted my lovely friend Natalie about checking out a new possible location, and... let's just say one thing led to another. We ended up photographing each other and soaking up the gorgeous golden sunlight... the kind of light that makes a photographer's heart skip a beat. What started as a few test shots turned into mini headshot sessions, and it was so fun to photograph (and be photographed by) someone as passionate about golden hour photography as I am. (picture us mildly freaking out over the perfect light, and frantically taking turns shooting each other... "Ok, just one last shot.... no I lied, just one more... hold on... okay your turn..." -- so much fun!) You can see the shots Natalie took of me on her blog, and read her thoughts on networking with other local photographers. I have to say, I couldn't agree more. This idea that local photographers should be at each other's throats is just silly. I've never been the competitive type (I can't even be fully happy when my favourite teams win, because I'm always feeling bad for the losing team), and quite frankly I'd much rather sip coffee with my "colleagues" and laugh about crazy #photographerlife stories than walk solo and try to "beat the competition". It has been so refreshing and wonderful to get to know this girl on both a business and personal level over the past year, and I'm so thankful she's in my life. While on paper, I suppose we are each other's "competition", the reality is that we are each other's biggest fan, and her support means the world to me.

Ok, enough sentimental gushing. Here are some photos of the GORGEOUS Natalie Young, who by the way is carrying TWINS! :)