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The Mama Journal | Everyday Beauty

This week has been difficult for me on an emotional level. I've never been to Boston or Texas, and yet I shed real tears upon hearing the news of the recent tragic events that took place in these cities. Tears that shook me to the core. My heart broke over and over again for the lives that were lost and the countless others that were forever changed. I'm typically a pretty positive person, but this week has been a difficult one to navigate. I don't just turn on the news, turn it off, go to bed and forget. Perhaps that's why I tend to avoid the news in general. I internalize all the sadness and it's hard for me to "turn it off" and go about my daily life without being, well... sad.  There is always something terrible happening, and it would be easy for me to live in a perpetual state of heartbreak. And yet, I don't want to remove myself completely from the injustices and tragedies of this world so that I become disconnected and ignorant. It's a tricky balance - one that I haven't mastered - to maintain perspective by regularly putting oneself in another's shoes while still knowing how to appreciate the familiar comforts and celebrate the beauty of one's own shoes. Does that make any sense at all? Regardless - There was no escaping it this week - it was everywhere I turned, even in my news-free bubble. So this week has been about striving to see the tangible beauty in my everyday world of home while my heart aches for the pain felt elsewhere in the world. I've gathered a small collection of everyday simplicities, sweet moments of childhood experienced with my girl over the past few weeks, that I just wanted to share here. I am so thankful for these beautiful moments that happen even when the world seems to be falling apart. And I am aware more than ever to hold on to them and cherish them, because they can be taken away all too soon.


Daily book time - Her favourite.


Watching at the window, waiting for Papa to get home for dinner.


Coming full-circle - bathing her baby in the bath she used to fit in


An official introduction to sidewalk chalk on a stormy Saturday morning.