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The Mama Journal | 52 Portraits (41, 42, 43)

I've been posting these on Facebook and forgetting to post them on the blog as well, so here are the last three weeks! :) Can't believe there are only 9 more to go! 52 Portraits | 41

We took our cameras to the park on this very gloomy day - you excitedly photographed leaves and squirrels, reminding me so much of my enthusiasm for photography as a child. I love seeing pieces of myself in you.

52 Portraits | 42

I've been under the weather this week, and on the hardest day you let me lie on the couch, making sure I had a steady supply of water, bananas and kisses while you played quietly beside me and let me rest - Thank you, sweet girl.

52 Portraits | 43

This year, you weren't a baby being dragged out in a cute costume, you were a big girl excited about experiencing the fun for herself, not needing to hold my hand and happily proclaiming "trick or treat" and "thank you!" at every door you knocked on, by yourself.