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The Mama Journal | 52 Portraits (44, 45, 46)

Another three weeks have gone by with me only posting the weekly 52 Portraits Project photos to Facebook, and not here on the blog. Oops! Here are weeks 44, 45, & 46. :) 52 Portraits | Week 44

You've been talking a lot about your baby sister lately, excitedly telling me all of the things you want to teach and share with her - it's hard to believe you are just 14 weeks away from big-sisterhood.


52 Portraits | Week 45

Today we ran outside to catch the first fluffy snowflakes of the season on our tongue, and it made me so happy to see how excited you were about Winter's arrival - just like your mama!


52 Portraits | Week 46

In the middle of a passionate conversation about how much we love muffins (you are your mother's daughter, after all), you grabbed my face with both hands, kissed my forehead and said "Maman, tu es ma meilleure amie!" ("mommy, you're my best friend!")